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Posted on May 08, 2023

Imagine cruising on the open sea with a powerful and smooth diesel engine that runs like a dream. Imagine having a clean and quiet engine room that reflects your pride and professionalism. Imagine being part of an elite group of vessel owners who trust the Walker AIRSEP® to protect and enhance their engines.

That’s what you can experience when you install the Walker AIRSEP® on your diesel engine. The Walker AIRSEP® is more than just a closed crankcase system. It’s a revolutionary product that combines three (3) amazing features in one: a washable high performance air filter, a crankcase fumes disposal feature, and an integrated air intake silencer. The Walker AIRSEP® has been the choice of major diesel engine manufacturers and the U.S. Coast Guard for over 30 years. The system delivers unmatched value, performance, and reliability for any diesel engine application.

The Walker AIRSEP® will transform your engine by preventing oil mist and vapors from escaping and causing mess and damage. It will also reduce engine noise by up to 6 decibels, giving you a more peaceful and enjoyable ride. And it will lower harmful emissions by improving combustion efficiency, saving you money on fuel and maintenance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your engine with the Walker AIRSEP®. Order yours today from Walker Engineering Co., the leading provider of innovative products for diesel engines and diesel powered applications. Visit our website or call us now to place your order or get more information.


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