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Paul Thompson & Walker Engineering Win Again!!!

Posted on June 05, 2023

Article Taken from: | JULY / AUGUST 2023 | Page 48

The popular MDR Halibut Derby is back and being rebuilt. Better still, it appears the halibut are back to Santa Monica Bay and making a good, healthy showing based on the event held June 3-4.

This charity fishing tournament is funding two programs: regrowing baby White Seabass and taking Kids fishing. Two great ways that the local fishermen are giving back to the community and to the environment. When the competition was complete, team All In took first, second and third places this year. Paul Thompson caught and released a 34.4 pounder measuring 43 inches for the top spot. Jeff Compton caught and released a 21.6-pound fish measuring 27 inches for second. This reversed their position from a year ago. And Stephen Bohrer weighed a 20.4-pound fish for the third spot. Records Fall at Marina Puerta Escondido The fourth annual MPE Loreto Tournament dazzled as the attendance and prize money broke records for the fourth year in a row as 58 teams competed for more than $800,000 in cash prizes in June. Cloaked in ideal weather, the fishing conditions in the Sea of Cortez were excellent. The event’s boundary consisted of fishing 65 miles up and down the coast + 50 miles off the coast from the Marina for notable catches in the Dorado and Yellowtail categories or Catch and Release in the Billfish category. Team Bullrider captured first place in the Dorado Division (of 27 posted) with their 44.1-pound fish earning them $118,550. In the Yellowtail Division, first place went to Team Los Cazadores (Fins Up) for the largest fish weighing in at 41.2 pounds (of 33 posted). “Another historical achievement never considered before was establishing the Loreto area as a billfish hotspot. Once again, for the fourth year in a row, the number of billfish caught (159) and released by the fleet exceeded triple digits,” according to Director Enrique Salcedo. In that division, adding their second jackpot win over the past three events was Team La Chingona, participating in the event for the third straight year. 

TOP CATCH; RELEASE TEAMS Team La Chingona had 20 catches for $31,100. Day 2 C & R Jackpot ALL 12 catches $130,500. Total Payout $161,600.00. 

Sneak Attack 15 2ND Place Overall 15 catches $11,200. Day 1 Catch & Release Jackpot ALL 13 catches $131,000. Total $142,200.00. 

HEAVIEST TOURNAMENT YELLOWTAIL Los Cazadores (Fins Up) John Grubb 41.20 1ST PLACE YT 41.2 lbs $15,550. DAY 1 500 1K JP 41.2 lbs $25,500. DAY 2 500 1K JP 41.2 lbs $23,000. Total $64,050. Team MILF (Baja Dream) Kenny Golden 33.33 2ND PLACE YT OVERALL 33.3 lbs $5,850. Total $5,850. Los Ken (Chica Italina) Arturo Cosio 3rd Place YT 32.30 lbs. 

HEAVIEST TOURNAMENT DORADO Bullrider Trenton Twamley 44.10 lbs 1ST PLACE DORADO OVERALL 44.1 LBS $15,550.00 DAY 2 $500 $1K $3K DORADO JACKPOT $103,000.00 Total $118,550. Retriever Martha Macnab 43.20 lbs 2ND PLACE DORADO Overall


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